Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Ice Cream Maker Survived a Near Death Experience

I picked up the phone and shakily dialed the number that I have dialed so many times before. It rang a couple of times before a familiar voice greeted me. I asked for J right away.
"Hello, J speaking"
"*laughter* What??"
"*more laughter* How??"
"I was making ice cream, and I put the ice cream maker in another room because it makes such a racket... And I was jamming to some really good music and I like, forgot about it for an HOUR! And now the machine's really hot and it's not turning on, and there's a smell..and....and..."
" do make a LOT of ice cream."
"But I wasn't ready to say good-bye!!"

Long story short - after I hung up, I plugged it in and all was good. Unfortunately, I didn't chill the bowl long enough and will have to wait until tomorrow to test out the goma ice cream. I did managed to churn out one batch before, errr...the incident. All is good! I'm back in business! Thanks to J for coaxing me back for the edge and to the store for offering me a good deal on a replacement. I really was about to jump in my car to pick it up. But I thought I would give it one last shot, and luckily - it worked!

I'm not afraid to admit that I was close to tears.

So many good times, and so much excellent ice cream - I wasn't ready to end the dream. Next time I'll have to set up an egg timer to remind me to check!

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