Friday, April 9, 2010

More Matcha

Round two! *ding, ding*

Time to bring out the matcha again! Actually, to be honest, it was still sitting on my counter after making ice cream. I asked my Toronto cookie pal if he would be nice enough to host a friend (dropped birthday cake) for a couple of nights while she was in town. He graciously obliged and we (dropped cake friend) were busy making cookies to make up for her stay.

I opted with blondies and Matcha shortbread! Oh, I love shortbread. It's a sinful treat that I usually indulge in during the holidays, but sometimes....on a cold, rainy day - there is nothing more satisfying than a crumbly piece of buttery, buttery goodness. Oh....butter. It's also a fantastic cookie to ship as well. Yes, it's kind of gross when you think about it - a standing box of buttery cookies - but think about it, it doesn't go stale, doesn't become chewy - the flavours actually tend to mellow out and it hardens up a bit, which makes it perfect for a long-haul trip! The blondies (or brownies) are also perfect for travelling - keep them tightly wrapped and they'll stay chewy and dense for a while (if they're not eaten first!).

This recipe is another one from an old Martha holiday issue, but interesting enough, I was never interested in trying it. Matcha fear rears its ugly head, I suppose. In the recipe photo, the cookies are artfully cut out using leaf cookie cutters. Unfortunately, the only leaf cookie cutter I have is a maple leaf, and I don't think it would be particularly appropriate for this recipe. I did want to stay with the theme and do a leaf cut-out, so I cut the leaf shapes by hand and scored veins on top. The veins looked a little haphazardly done, but after baking, they actually 'puffed' out quite nicely! I think they look rather artistic, actually!

Oh lord. I just spotted on the recipe that it's from 2001. Wow. Took me nearly 10 years to evolve my taste to work up the gusto to make this recipe, hahaha.


  1. Matcha shortbread?? What a different idea! Leave it to Martha I guess, but it does sound interesting! hahaha I think a maple leaf shape would have been hilarious.

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  2. Hahaha! Sounds like a very "West Coast Fusion" concept - Maple Leaf shaped matcha shortbread! Well..I suppose you can always call them "summer Maple leaves" rather than the typical multicoloured fall leaves?