Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sticky Rice Wrapping How-To

Mmmm...look at those babies. Here are some photos related to the previous post about dim sum.
We made pork dumplings as well - kudos to the gals for the awesome wrapping job! I put myself in charge of rolling out the wrappers. Look at them all lined cute and ready to be fried and then gently steamed to perfection!

Had some difficulties with uploading photos in the previous post. Boo to the incompatibilities of Copy-Pasting text from Word!

(Place rice filling in the middle of the lotus leaf, on the veined side. Bring up the bottom of the leaf, where the nub is, over the rice. Gently hug the rice filling with the leaf as to compact the filling. Bring the left and then right side over, also gently compacting the filling. Roll the packet up burrito-wrap style, and place in a steamer.)


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  1. Oh I am so proud of our dumplings!