Saturday, April 11, 2009

All my ducks in a row

I don't 'get' Easter. My family is not religious, so I never grew up understanding Easter traditions. Everything I learned about Easter, I learned in school. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the resurrection of Jesus, I think. I don't know where the bunnies and eggs come in. Oh glorious chocolate eggs. I don't understand the whole thing with eggs either. Fertility? Rebirth? (ooh yeah, that makes sense. Fits into that whole Jesus thing.)

Anyway, any excuse for me to bake is a good excuse! When I was in Portland, I went to the Decorette Shop and picked up a lot of goodies including an egg-shaped cookie cutter and an animal-shaped cutter. More on that later. Here was my grand Easter plan:
-create chocolate egg molds
-fill egg molds with egg-shaped cookies and chocolates
-also make chick-shaped cookies
-place in decorative bags for distribution

Step 1: Make egg molds. Done.
Step 2: Make sugar cookie dough. Done.
Step 3: Roll out and bake cookies.
Here's where it got interesting. I had thought that I had purchased a chick-shaped cookie cutter. Cute, right? I'd ice them with white icing and sprinkle with the yellow sanding sugar I have in the pantry. Only I look in my box of stuff and inside is an egg-shaped cutter....and a duck-shaped cutter. Yes, a duck. In my defense, it was awfully cute and in the end - they did make for some interesting cookies! Cute, too!
So, Step 3 - done.
Step 4: Put your junk in the box.
Step 5: Make her open the box.

Anyway, I iced and decorated those babies and they looked really great. Shout out to the mother-ship for steppin' in and grabbin' that icing bottle (Wilton mini squeeze bottle topped with a icing tip and coupler screw - works like an f-ing dream) and gettin' to work. I'd ice, she'd ice, I'd sprinkle, it was good fun and we were pretty fast. I didn't take pics of the final trays of cookies - but here are some that didn't make the final jump into the bags.The blue feet, btw, her idea.

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