Sunday, March 7, 2010

Smells like the morning after.

I attempted to make 'beer' cookies this weekend.

Let me tell you a little backstory on this one. As a kid, my family and I would go on these organized charter bus tours...that were...umm...ethnically-friendly. That's all I'm going to say on what kind of tour group it was. But I went on a lot of these trips and all over North America too! East coast, West Coast, BC, wherever - if it was a tourist spot, I can guarantee that there was a bus tour going there. Anyway, we went on a tour that included a stop at a Molson brewery (in Vancouver? Can't be sure.) The adults sampled beer, the kids sampled ginger ale and snacked on beer cookies.

Some of the best cookies ever. Crumbly, buttery, and yeah - they tasted like beer.

I decided that this would be THE weekend to test out a replication of these cookies!


The T&J came over for some Oscar watching and they both commented, "it tastes like scones." Well! That's not exactly the reaction I was looking for, but I had to agree. But they smelled like beer while chilling and baking - yet the beer taste was practically non-existent. I added way too much liquid as well, which resulted in me adding more flour - which probably resulted in the scone-like taste. So I'm not sure if I have to try a stronger beer, or boil it down to make some kind of syrup, but it is ON! I WILL make beer cookies! And when I do - you'll be the first to know!

Not all was lost - I was thinking of failure and added dried cherries and white chocolate chips to half the batter, so at least I have something sweet to nibble on this week.

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  1. Dave makes beer and bakes bread, so maybe he can give some tips. He wants to know what kind of beer you used. A Molson product I presume...maybe that's the problem...

    If you used something really sweet (ie a scotch ale) or really hoppy (ie an IPA) you might get a more distinct flavour.