Saturday, June 6, 2009


I received a wonderful (and unexpected) package in the mail the other day - a box of Swiss chocolates from a friend travelling in Europe! I was concerned after checking the box it was mailed in - it had obviously been opened slightly and inspected. I sent a quick thank you email to the friend and confirmed with her the contents of the box - I hope someone at Canada Post or Swiss Post (or whatever) is not snacking on chocolate meant for me.

Anyway! Back to the chocolate - it was a selection of 'award winning' chocolates and as soon as I bit into one, the sensation that tickled my tongue sent me right back to Europe. I couldn't put my finger (or tongue) on that flavour - something about it sent me back to Europe on a very strong sensory level. It was amazing. I checked the label on the box (which came with a handwritten 'made-on' date ) and the chocolate I so happily sank my teeth into was a 'Magic' = "Lavendel Caramel und Pistazien Marzipan, umhullt von dunkler Schokolade, veredelt mit einem Waldfrucht-Coulis-Rohrchen." I don't speak, read, or understand Swiss-German (I assume), but the keys to that description - lavender caramel and pistachio marzipan.

It was the lavender. Hands down. I spent some time in the Cote d'Azur and the smell of Provencal lavender seemed to be perpetually wafting through the warm summer air. It's not just 'any' lavender, it's that sweet French (or Swiss, in this case?) lavender that even when enrobed in chocolate and travelling halfway around the world, peut m'envoyer a France.

Merci beaucoup a ma bon amie pour la delicieuse cadeau! (apologies for my cobbled-together French)


  1. That sounds really delicious! Do you happen to know the brand?

  2. Unfortunately, the box left my hands as quickly as the chocolates went in my mouth! I'm surprised I didn't keep the box as it was quite nice - but they were the 'winning' chocolates from Team Switzerland from a chocolate competition (what I wouldn't give to be a judge)!