Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Meatless

Meatless April is over! Now to Meat-filled May, haha!
I'm happy to have the option to eat meat again, but I did really enjoy the vegetarian stint. It was tough when I was eating out, but at certain restaurants that embraced vegetarian cuisine, it was heavenly (Chapandaz Restaurant in Port Moody, Nuba). I do want to continue eating more vegetables and with the upcoming summer season, I know that I'll have that opportunity.

Now for some more photographic evidence of my meals!

Grilled cheese: cinnamon raisin bread, red cheddar cheese, Paul Newman salsa

Mixed green salad topped with spiced tofu, grapefruit wedges, walnuts

Crispy fried egg tofu, mixed greens in a garlic dressing topped with sliced pears

Vegetarian yakisoba!

1 comment:

  1. All those look delicious! We had taco rice tonight. I thought of you, thinking you could use ground up extra firm tofu as a meat substitute and it would still taste awesome.