Saturday, September 3, 2011

Neapolitan Marshmallows

I forget what inspired me to make tri-flavoured marshmallows. It was something on Tastespotting I think, but it got me thinking about combining different flavours...but I'm not sure how I settled on neapolitan marshmallows. The base itself is easy to make and is flavoured with vanilla, and I have seen many variations of these fluffy treats, so why not combine it all?

So the method was simple enough: make the generic marshmallow base and then divide into three portions and flavour with strawberry and chocolate. For the strawberry I used some homemade jam and pink food colouring. For the chocolate I used cocoa and espresso powder. I placed a piping bag in a tall cup and folded over the edges for easy filling. I filled the bag in thirds (from the top, around the edge) with the three flavours and held my breath. I had no idea how the flavours would settle, but they turned out pretty tasty! It's pretty neat how the colours marbled, I piped them into two shapes: long logs to cut up later and "kiss" shapes to top cookies.

Yes, that's right! Cookies! You thought I was done at the marshmallow, right? Nope!

I made a basic sugar cookie dough, cut out small rounds, topped each round with a dark chocolate or white chocolate callet and then plopped a marshmallow kiss on top. And the results? Simply divine.
This recipe is definitely labour intensive and it's something I probably won't make very often, but I was really excited to execute this vision and was glad that it worked out well.

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