Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old Ideas, New Theories

Ah, another hectic few weeks in the can. I wish I could update more - honest! But there doesn't seem to be enough time in the week to actually think about what to write about. And that I don't have time to conjure something up on the weekends. Last weekend I took the ferry over to the 'local' island to visit a friend with another friend (confusing enough for you?) and took in some local sights and eats. Had my first ever neapolitan pizza! Yes, you read that right. I have never had neapolitan pizza. Doesn't mean that I am clueless to the mystery of that hallowed tradition - I'm totally down for the 00 grade flour and everything that is involved in a certified neapolitan pizza, and I have to say, it was great! However, I still have weakness for the less-than-traditional pizza pies, namely - Domino's thin crust Hawaiian. Or sausage and mushroom. Mmmmm.

Anyway - moving on - to today's post! As it is the summer time, it means that it is ice cream season! Admittedly, it is always ice cream season - but the summer, of course, is a perfect opportunity to whip out some frozen treats. I came across this recipe for EGGLESS ice cream that was supposedly as creamy and rich as their traditional French counterpart! "Impossible!" I thought to myself, "egg yolks give ice cream their silky richness, no egg yolks and you'd be left with a soft serve-worthy mess!" But I was intrigued, and inspired to give it a go. I followed the recipe for the basic vanilla - but amped it up with a ton of vanilla beans (gratefully given to me by a coworker), frozen blueberries and "pie". I had a few ideas last year about ice cream concoctions and one that always hung over me was "blueberry pie" ice cream - not just straight blueberry ice cream, but a flavour that would encapsulate the entire 'bite'. I tried to replicate this with a rich vanilla ice cream with a frozen blueberry coulis swirl and crust-like cookies mixed in.

It was, in a word - delicious. The ice cream was indeed silky and smooth (but definitely not as rich, sorry - but there are some things you can't replicate!), the vanilla was an excellent complement to the blueberries and the cookie bits stayed crunchy and flavourful. Success!

So I suppose if you don't want to crack the eggs for proper French-style glace - then give this recipe by Jeni Britton a try. The flavour combinations she has listed on her website are truly inspiring! Take her basic vanilla recipe and add in your own flavours - tis the season to be frosty!


  1. Holy crap that looks amazing. I am literally salivating here.

  2. For that - there may be a bite available this afternoon! :P

  3. Wow that looks fantastic! I've never made ice cream without the eggs.. I am equally skeptical.. but maybe I'll try this out. :)